Elda Laínez’s new book “Luchando Frente a Toda Adversidad” is a meaningful...

Elda Laínez’s new book “Luchando Frente a Toda Adversidad” is a meaningful guidebook that aims to help believers decipher the everlasting love of the Heavenly Father.

Recent release "Luchando Frente a Toda Adversidad" from Page Publishing author Elda Laínez is a highly motivating piece about God's perfect plans and the gift of salvation that He's given through the existence of Jesus Christ.


FORT WORTH, Texas, Dec. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Elda Laínez, a multi-degree holder including a doctorate degree in Theology, a fervent follower of Christ since childhood, has completed her new book “Luchando Frente a Toda Adversidad”: a thought-provoking read that presents valuable weapons needed for the spiritual battle against the rulers of darkness. This book contains answers to the common concerns of the believers. Does God really exist? If He indeed exists, where was He when everyone was suffering?

Luchando frente a toda adversidad

Laínez shares, “We live in a time where there is a lot of technology, but little knowledge of God, we ignore each of the things that help us find comfort or actually find ourselves.

In the Reina Valera 1960 Bible we find 3365 promises of God for his children among them, some are unconditional, these include all humanity, such as when God promises not to send another flood to the earth, among many more, the other scale of promises are the conditional ones. They are exclusively for those who want to meet certain requirements such as the field of wisdom, we see when God asked Solomon what he wanted God to give him, he chose among so many things to have wisdom to govern the people of God well.

In this Manual we find the promises of God for our family, our life, as they are promises of healing of well-being, economic and some techniques of how to approach or achieve each one of these; The 3365 promises are not included, but there are some very relevant ones, trying to answer frequently asked questions, how to be if there is such a wonderful and powerful God, why does humanity suffer so much? Where is the beloved Church of God which they reach? All these promises? We see several panoramas to judge in this selection.

We will find out how it is possible to be in church and still not know God, perhaps 2 or 3 services per week and still not know the author and finisher of all things. This situation affects those around us from different points of view. How can we approach and have a personal relationship with Christ, discovering what the term that God has adopted us as legitimate children means through his great and sublime mercy and even so with so many promises to receive where there is the issue of depression in which there is much cloth to cut to talk about it, since each world drama brings us closer to getting depressed and feeling that everything is getting out of hand forces us to feel moments of loneliness and anguish which only with a good meditation on the word of God we can make amends. The destruction is worse every day if we watch the news we realize the world reality that we have crime, drug addiction, suicide, etc. Natural phenomena all give us a warning sound that something great is to come the expected time and narrated in the sacred scriptures is approaching we need to wake up from the great lethargy that our King is living is soon at the door and you and I what we are doing to announce to the world the good news of salvation because there is still time, let’s get up and unite ourselves for those who still do not know about God.”

Published by Page Publishing, Elda Laínez’s page-turning narrative is a rich manual that prepares believers in the war against Satan who occasionally tries to plant confusion and tempts Christians to lose their identity as Christians. This book is perfect for practicing spiritual self-defense.

Believers who want to actively nourish their spiritual self will definitely enjoy this read.

Readers who wish to experience this illuminating work can purchase “Luchando Frente a Toda Adversidad”  online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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Elda Laínez’s new book “Luchando Frente a Toda Adversidad” is a meaningful guidebook that aims to help believers decipher the everlasting love of the Heavenly Father.