Louisa C. Ramos’s New Book El Pillo Del Corazón, A Thought-Provoking Read...

Louisa C. Ramos’s New Book El Pillo Del Corazón, A Thought-Provoking Read That Depicts The Unsavory Nature Of Con Men In Romance


NEW YORK, Dec. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — The book El Pillo del Corazón was created by Louisa C. Ramos. Louisa C. Ramos is an author who loves literature and painting. She also has a passion for the outdoors and different cultures, for she believes she can learn from them.

Louisa C. Ramos said this about her book: “The Rascal of the Heart—a person who passes in love with women via the Internet. When he gets his victim, he first cheats her emotionally, and then he scams her monetarily. The thief has an incredible ability—he appears when the woman is most vulnerable.

It has a very peculiar pattern. It is always compassionate, supportive, and sensitive. It is done as the song of only one man who wanders the world night and day before meeting his victim. He is so persuasive; he says he is looking for a partner and is only in love. That is his only reason to survive. It also makes him believe that he is a reliable man and makes his victim feel very special, so much so that she cannot live without him. When she notices, it is almost always late to leave him. The victim usually compares her emotion as peace and war because it creates a bond and a habit so solid that it is impossible to overcome. It produces a lot of happiness and then leaves a void and deep pain.

The author does not want to interpose or change anyone’s idea; he just wants the world to know that cyber conquest can not only break hearts but also pockets. I collect several cases and countless victims, but only use a few cases.

The rascal pretends to be a soldier who is generally in service, as in these four. He was supposedly serving in Kabul. He talks about how difficult it is to survive there using the argument of peacekeeping for that purpose and pretends to be soldiers knowing how sacrificed heroes can be for the life of this. As an emigrant, you know how hard it is to live in a foreign land. It is not fair that this cheap criminal uses the good name of these people who in turn believe and love their work. In addition to working away from home in a hostile place where life is played, they spend many nights without giving a hug to their children, among other relatives.

The heart catcher has no scruples. He tricks the person into a trip without return, causing them to lose everything. Cheating is so painful because one believes that there is someone interested in one and then disappears, leaving the heart and bank accounts empty. This is like a bad dream, and then you wake up, and it’s almost always late. The author recommends that from time to time, it is better to be old-fashioned and visit clubs to make friends. At least, we are looking at their eyes. Sometimes we can’t know who the scammers are; they may be far away or next to each other. Who knows?”

Published by Page Publishing, Louisa C. Ramos’s new book El Pillo Del Corazón will inspire readers to be aware of predators seeking to beguile their romantic lives and leave them empty and broken emotionally and mentally.

Consumers who wish to be enlightened on the many instances a rascal can trick their targets can purchase El Pill o Del Corazón in any bookstore, or online at Apple iTunes, Amazon.com, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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Louisa C. Ramos’s New Book El Pillo Del Corazón, A Thought-Provoking Read That Depicts The Unsavory Nature Of Con Men In Romance