Rafael De Jesus’s New Book Una Mujer Sin Apellidos, is an Enlightening...

Rafael De Jesus’s New Book Una Mujer Sin Apellidos, is an Enlightening Account that Unveils the Core Values Humanity Must Treasure to Usher a Better World


NEW YORK, Jan. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — The book Una Mujer Sin Apellidos was created by Rafael De Jesus. Rafael said this about his book: “The concept of ‘A Woman Without Surname’ is based on friendship, sincerity, and respect. Today it is difficult to find a neighbor who has the confidence to give advice to the children of their neighbors because the fear of being attacked by the children of the neighbors abounds in our societies, protected by the weak laws that doctrine them and support it.

Based on real events of my life, I present in my pages all my brothers, friends, and other relatives. I use respect and true friendships as icons. Challenging evil with sincerity, honesty, and respect, they are acquired at home as the icons of family inheritance. To be honest, you do not need a university; just fill yourself with healthy and wise advice, apply morals, respect, be obedient to your mother and father, and teach your descendants that you learned from your ancestors what you teach them today. The school did not teach me much because my obligation was to work from my use of reason. The university teaches you a professional education, but it does not teach you morality. It teaches you how to take advantage of the innocence of others; but it does not teach you sincerity, respect, or honesty; It teaches you to break fences and barriers to achieve your purposes, but it does not teach you how to give your neighbors a smile and help. Because although they are poor beggars and disabled people like you and me, they also have dreams.

I am a human being like everyone else, I make mistakes, I suffer, and I get tired; and as everyone also gives me pains, I suffer the evil and injustice of others. My heart softens, and I melt into bitterness when I see a fasting child cry out for a piece of bread, and the one who may not want to help it because it is more beneficial for them to fatten their pockets than to help a child. But the only truth is that for many goods that you accumulate when you die, nothing will take you. Respect, humility, and honesty are the true values of humanity.”

Published by Page Publishing, Rafael De Jesus’s new book Una Mujer Sin Apellidos will illuminate readers with its outline of events that reflect grace and empathy in every physical and emotional interaction, gradually defining the true essence of being human.

Consumers who wish to discern the genuine facets of humanity in the faces of adversity, sorrow, and bliss can purchase Una Mujer Sin Apellidos in any bookstore, or online at Apple iTunes, Amazon.com, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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Rafael De Jesus’s New Book Una Mujer Sin Apellidos, is an Enlightening Account that Unveils the Core Values Humanity Must Treasure to Usher a Better World