Ramon “Monsho” Hernandez’s New Book Isla De La Esperanza, An Enchanting Book...

Ramon “Monsho” Hernandez’s New Book Isla De La Esperanza, An Enchanting Book Of Hope And Magic In A Man’s Life In A Mystical Island


SACRAMENTO, Calif., Jan. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — The book Isla de la Esperanza was created by Ramon “Monsho” Hernandez, he shares: “She left her adolescence and entered the youth in an unexpected way, seeing herself surrounded by loneliness, waiting for her pregnancy to arrive in an uncomplicated way.

The first year, he survived with abandoned food, lots of water and canned food, lacking electricity, gas, and drinking water. Instead, a source of clear and pure water flowed from the very bowels of the extinct volcano that was the island.

Finding a way to be self-sufficient, producing food in places previously designed for that purpose, and discovering magical places, he found peace, tranquility, and hope necessary to continue waiting for the day of rescue.

Four years after the arrival, a visitor arrives, who was a companion of tragedy in that fateful airplane. He promises to expose his own life in exchange for taking her out of that wonderful place that, although a prison, was a magical, mystical, and very real place as unreal.

When the rescue arrives, he realizes that it will be somewhat difficult for his son, who was born with a deficiency. That way, he experiences a difficult reality until he reaches his hometown. Everything is clarified, and as the inevitable hour of his son approaches, he realizes the mystery by which he managed to survive all that time on the island of hope.”

Published by Page Publishing, Ramon “Monsho” Hernandez’s new book, Isla de la Esperanza, follows the fascinating life of a man who survives the toils of a faraway with courage, ingenuity, and hope, along with a realization that brings wonder to his heart.

Consumers who wish to learn the power of faith while facing the arduous reality through the life of the book’s protagonist can purchase Isla de la Esperanza in any bookstore, or online at Apple iTunes, Amazon.com, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or inquiries, you can contact Page Publishing, through the following number: 866-315-2708.

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Ramon “Monsho” Hernandez’s New Book Isla De La Esperanza, An Enchanting Book Of Hope And Magic In A Man’s Life In A Mystical Island