Have an Olive Day Ambassador Chef José Andrés Introduces Irresistible Olive Tapas...

Have an Olive Day Ambassador Chef José Andrés Introduces Irresistible Olive Tapas Recipes to Mark ‘World Tapas Day’


NEW YORK, June 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — To  commemorate ‘World Tapas Day,’ Have an Olive Day is promoting two healthy and tasty tapas recipes made with European olives that demonstrate the versatility of a food that pairs perfectly with all kinds of ingredients, enhancing numerous dishes and dressings.

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Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, Batman and Robin, Lennon and McCartney: all great duos, as is tapas and olives, a gastronomic marriage that lasts a lifetime. The olive is undoubtedly the queen of tapas which has become an icon of the appetizer. The combination is also unbeatable when coupled with a beloved drink.

Olives, and by extension tapas, are a solid gastronomic trend that wins followers all over the world. The proof is that in the fifth edition of  ‘World Tapas Day,’ celebrated on June 20th with more than 800 catering establishments from 30 countries participating, the olive will have more prominence than ever in a tapas format through the range of dishes that celebrate its gastronomic versatility. If there is a global food that everyone agrees on, that is the olive,  the Tapas par excellence.

The queen of tapas is a source of natural nutrients, with a large amount of mono-unsaturated fatty acids, an interesting contribution in fiber and antioxidants, among others properties. These make the olive not only one of the most popular appetizers but also one of the healthiest. The olive is one of the few fruits found in nature that brings together the four basic flavors: salty, sweet, sour and bitter.

Like chef José Andrés says, ambassador of  Have an Olive Day, the campaign that promotes table olives in the United States: “Tapas have two fundamental ingredients: a good smile and a good handful of European olives,” a belief reinforced through these delicious tapas recipes.

Because with the variety is the taste: here you have three different tostas which you will delight  the most demanding palates. And they all have something in common: European olives!  

Relocate to the heart of the Mediterranean for a moment with this creamy tapenade of olives stuffed with pimiento. Ideal for an appetizer or a snack!  

More delicious recipes here: https://haveanoliveday.eu/index.php/videorecipes/tapas




Have An Olive Day Ambassador Chef Jose Andres introduces irresistible olive Tapas recipes to mark 'World Tapas Day' (PRNewsfoto/Olives from Spain)


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Have an Olive Day Ambassador Chef José Andrés Introduces Irresistible Olive Tapas Recipes to Mark ‘World Tapas Day’