Lorena Samano’s new book “Unseen Worlds” is an enchanting tale of a...

Lorena Samano’s new book “Unseen Worlds” is an enchanting tale of a young girl with the power to see the supernatural world and its creatures.


NEW YORK, Sept. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Recent release “Unseen Worlds” from Page Publishing author Lorena Samano is a bewitching story about a young girl with a supernatural sight that lets her see invisible realms as well as good and evil beings.

Lorena Samano, a passionate author with a Mexican heritage, has completed her new book “Unseen Worlds”: an awe-inspiring novel about Scarlett, a young girl with the power of seeing invisible things that make her life an otherworldly journey.

Author Samano tells about the unseen battle between good and evil that is ever-present since time immemorial: “A beautiful girl named Scarlett was abandoned in a mysterious orphanage and suffers from a tragic ailment—her skin is ultrasensitive to light. She spends much of her childhood indoors at the ancient castle even as she longs to go outside to play with her friends.

Born with a unique gift that allows her to see what others cannot, her eyes open to the supernatural. She experiences visions of angels, shadowy demons, and other mysterious beings hidden from those around her.

Living in the castle, she notices strange figures; weird, monstrously shaped shadows; and disembodied voices. But she also sees enchanting things that make her forget the shadows.

Along the way, Scarlett witnesses many battles between the forces of good and evil. Though she is tempted by darkness along the way, her pure heart always brings her back from the brink of losing her soul.

She tries to unravel the mystery of the noble family that lived many years ago in the castle and the secrets they hold.

As time passes, Scarlett discovers that her gift is not only to view the supernatural. It is more powerful than she imagines, but her true desire is to someday be part of a family that loves her.

Does she really see the supernatural world, or is it all just in her imagination?”

Published by Page Publishing, Lorena Samano’s exquisite opus invites readers to an adventure where imagination and reality collide that greatly transforms a young girl’s life.

Readers who wish to experience this noteworthy work can purchase “Unseen Worlds” at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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Lorena Samano’s new book “Unseen Worlds” is an enchanting tale of a young girl with the power to see the supernatural world and its creatures.