Men’s Liberty Challenges Men Living With Urinary Incontinence To Try An Alternative...

Men’s Liberty Challenges Men Living With Urinary Incontinence To Try An Alternative Solution Through New Website Launch

New Site Targets the 1 in 6 Men in the Unites States that Are Living with Urinary Incontinence with a Next Generation External Catheter Solution from BioDerm


LARGO, Florida, July 31, 2018 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — BioDerm, Inc., one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of proprietary hydrocolloid products for urinary management, securement and skin protection, today announced the launch of its updated, mobile-first-design website Men’s Liberty™ offers new way to manage male urinary incontinence that dependably replaces diapers, pads and condom catheters, and is now available to order directly online.

The Men’s Liberty external urine collection device can be used 24/7 at home and on-the-go. The new website reveals the next generation of Men’s Liberty with a new and improved micro-vent and integrated urine collection pouch. Men’s Liberty is completely external and applied just once a day, unlike condom catheters and adult diapers that can require multiple daily changes and can result in rashes, sores and infection. More than five million units have been used with zero reportable adverse events, including urinary tract infections.

“This new website provides men living with UI an alternative way to order Men’s Liberty without ever having to pick up the phone,” says Rachel Scharfman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at BioDerm. “Our previous website and sales processes were outdated, did not provide a great user experience and lacked the ability to buy the product directly on the site. We needed help with extending our new lifestyle branding online and solving these pain points to give users a feeling of freedom when they visited the website.”

For the development of this new website, Rachel was referred to Bayshore Solutions by her marketing partner McKay Advertising + Activation. Bayshore Solutions, an end-to-end digital agency that offers website development services to its customers, built the website to include an integrated e-commerce system aimed at improving the user experience for men looking to buy the product online.

“We’re so happy to assist BioDerm with bringing their male external catheter products online,” says Kevin Hourigan, President and CEO at Bayshore Solutions. “With the new Men’s Liberty™ e-commerce website, the design is tailored to the product’s target demographic, the messaging is streamlined, the call-to-actions intuitively guide users through the site, online ordering is now available and there are now forms that allow visitors to start the process of getting Men’s Liberty covered by their insurance.”

More information can be found and orders placed at

About Men’s Liberty:
Men’s Liberty is an alternative non-invasive external catheter for men that is covered by Medicare,  TriCare and most private insurance plans.  Unlike diapers or bulky pads, Men’s Liberty is applied just once a day. Men’s Liberty is manufactured by BioDerm, Inc. Based in Largo, FL, a predominance of BioDerm’s products are manufactured locally, and are sold in over 20 countries worldwide. Learn more at or

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Men’s Liberty Challenges Men Living With Urinary Incontinence To Try An Alternative Solution Through New Website Launch