Michel Edery and smartBeemo – Transforming the Education Landscape for Latin America

Michel Edery and smartBeemo – Transforming the Education Landscape for Latin America


MIAMI, May 24, 2021 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — As Benjamin Whorf says “Language shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about.” CEO and Co-founder of smartBeemo – Michel Edery thought of leveraging the Spanish language for the good and bringing a ray of hope for the Latin Americans. In a world where English is in a class of its own, there are people who are still having a hard time understanding the language, and in turn, it acts as the major barrier in their learning process. Michel recognized this problem and developed smartBeemo only for such people, breaking the language barriers that affect their learning.

smartBeemo is an educational platform with thousands of students all around Latin America and the world. Their expertise includes educating the students about digital marketing, social media influencer marketing, e-commerce, and much more. They are helping to accelerate the data transformation in the Spanish-speaking communities.

Sharing his views, the CEO says, “Today, entrepreneurship is booming in Latin America. The pandemic has brought a positive revolution in the area, and now everybody knows that it’s quite easy to connect to the internet and launch their own brand in e-commerce and other sectors. Over here, there is a bridge between e-commerce and digital marketing major due to the language barriers as all the great content out there is in English. But now I think people are starting to learn and understand more about social media, e-commerce and I can now see thousands of people launching their businesses. Even in my own country-Columbia, with the increasing response from business enthusiasts, it’s starting to look like a ‘Little Silicon Valley.'”   

smartBeemo is an independent educational platform, and that’s why it’s easy for them to understand where the needs are in the market and what is trending. The courses last for over 12 months depending upon the student’s needs. And not just that, smartBeemo also comes up with new exceptional courses for students in a timespan of just a week.  The marketing sector moves super fast and new strategies, concepts, and content are added every other moment. And thereby, when these educational institutions launch their programs, everything has been changed and some content even becomes outdated.

smartBeemo arranges pre-recorded diplomates, integrated by courses for the students. Tutors discuss the latest content and ongoings in the respective fields to keep them updated with every detail. In addition to this, students can access live Q&A sessions, and live chat with their academic tutors for doubt resolution. People seek YouTube videos as a major source of studying programs, but they lack the curriculum or the syllabus that is required with well-structured content covering every concept from A to Z. It is very important to learn with logic, that includes the introduction, the fundamentals, and then practice the knowledge gained. The YouTube videos further have certain limitations, and the student often misses out on some key knowledge areas.

These days, educational academies are established merely for profits. Students pay at smartBeemo, but they charge for their services, and every single day, they are working to make the services better. The customers and students see that difference in production, content, new teachers, superior experience, and much more.

With 2.5x growth per year, and more than 60,000 paid students, they are one of the fastest-growing online schools in the Spanish-speaking communities. Every program on the smartBeemo platform covers all the steps and content right from the building phase to the end result. For example, if the student is learning an e-commerce program, then their first step begins from how to find the products, how to build a website, how to buy products from a country, or how to do dropshipping and how to market the product in the end. In a nutshell, each program has a lot of courses, and each course has lots of models to offer the students. Thereby, they can study online at their own pace. smartBeemo also conducts weekly sessions online for the students wherein the tutors answer each and every question, doubts, or further queries within a timeframe of 30 seconds once the student has raised his/her hands from 8 AM to 8 PM. The entire idea is to give a classroom experience to the students.

Not every great content exists in English and that’s why smartBeemo welcomes everybody who wants to learn including Spanish-speaking and Latin Americans to their platform and leverage the best from it.

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Michel Edery and smartBeemo – Transforming the Education Landscape for Latin America