“MUROS” Presents Compelling Human Stories Behind The World’s Most Iconic Borders

“MUROS” Presents Compelling Human Stories Behind The World’s Most Iconic Borders

--Each episode is narrated by a well-known Mexican journalist --Premieres July 21 at 9pm E/P in the United States and July 24 at 10pm in Mexico


MIAMI, July 15, 2019 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Discovery presents MUROS, a compelling series that dives deeply into some of the world’s most iconic walls and borders. Shot in stunning 4K technology, the new production features the narration of renowned Mexican journalists Gabriela Warkentin, Enrique Hernández Alcazar, Martha DeBayle, Karla Iberia Sánchez, and Leonardo Kourchenko. MUROS premieres July 21 at 9pm E/P in the US on Discovery en Español, and July 24 at 10pm in Mexico on Discovery Channel.

The new documentary series features despairing and heavyhearted human stories behind the United States and Mexico border, the Korean DMZ, the walled communities in Northern Ireland, Cyprus’s Green Line, and the currently demolished Berlin Wall. 

The first MUROS episode is dedicated to the US-Mexico border. Stretching for almost 2,000 miles from the Pacific Coast to the Gulf of Mexico, this border cuts across cities, canyons, rivers, and deserts, including 750 miles covered by fences, concrete walls, and iron barriers. President Trump is determined to extend the wall along this boundary to keep out the hundreds of thousands who cross illegally into the United States each year.

Premiering a new episode every week, the series reveals the human stories that take place behind these walls and answers questions such as why they were built, how they affect people’s lives, and what happens when they come down. The new production presents powerful stories of individuals and communities whose lives have been transformed by these borders and shares the stories of those who support the building of walls and those who constantly fight to tear them down.

MUROS is a series of hope and unity in the face of division, about the triumph of the human spirit despite separation. The new production will also be available on the “Discovery en Español GO” app for the US Hispanic market. For more information, visit facebook @discoveryenespanol and @tudiscovery.

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“MUROS” Presents Compelling Human Stories Behind The World’s Most Iconic Borders