Natalia Denegri to release the album ‘Corazones Guerreros’ as producer

Natalia Denegri to release the album ‘Corazones Guerreros’ as producer


MIAMI, April 5, 2018 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Actress, TV host and producer Natalia Denegri has taken us by surprise yet again, this time by producing the musical album Corazones Guerreros (‘Warrior hearts’), for children, originating from the TV program of the same name. It all began with an initiative by the Hassenfeld Family Foundation and Denegri to create audiovisual content that would inspire and motivate the Latin community in the United States.

Natalia Denegri

The album will be available on April 13 on the biggest digital music platforms. The songs are original, and dedicated to celebrating the values of family, study, personal cleanliness and taking care of the planet, with tunes like: La Familia (‘Family‘), Soy obediente (‘I’m obedient’), Hay que reciclar (‘We’ve got to recycle’), Amo a mi mascota (‘I love my pet’), and Comer saludable (‘Eat healthy’), to name a few.

The motivational value of the lyrics deserves special notice in tunes like: Atrévete a Soñar (‘Dare to dream’), No More Bullying and No tengas miedo (‘Don’t be afraid’). The magic of this album comes from presenting positive lyrics in a variety of rhythms – Salsa, bachata, reggae, tex-mex, reggaetón and other styles, sung by Max Pizzolante.

In these times when the family is eager for songs that are closer to home, with values that children can listen to, Corazones Guerreros is a welcome arrival. It’s a positive album, close to home, that will certainly have an impact on everyone who hears it.

“It’s been said that our main natural resource is children, and through Corazones Guerreros we’re hoping to provide them with an opportunity to create a better future. A future of health, peace, love and family.” Alan Hassenfeld. Hassenfeld Family Foundation.

“If making Corazones Guerreros filled me with joy, I can’t begin to express what it means to know that so many people will be able to have these songs spreading the essence of the message we try to convey to them each day: hope, strength, faith, courage, being positive. I hope they enjoy this record as much as my princess Nicole and I do.” Natalia Denegri. Trinitus Productions.

“My dream was to keep on making positive content for kids, and that’s the opportunity Alan and Natalia gave me with Corazones Guerreros. I hope that through this album, you will enjoy our daring to do things a little bit differently.” Nelson Bustamante. 360 Media.

“I couldn’t miss this opportunity to bring a positive message to kids and their parents, and at the same time get them to dance and enjoy different styles of music. All honor and glory to God.” Max Pizzolante. Pizzo Music.

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Natalia Denegri to release the album ‘Corazones Guerreros’ as producer