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New California Cling Peach recipes designed to get children involved in cooking...

New California Cling Peach recipes designed to get children involved in cooking and preparing their own food


SACRAMENTO, California, Aug. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Parents know the struggle is real: how do you motivate kids to try foods that are nutritious? Undiscovered wholesome foods they might actually prefer over highly processed foods?

California Canned Cling Peaches Deliver More Nutrients For Less Money

California Cling Peaches to the rescue! The California Cling Peach industry has introduced a collection of nine fun, easy-to-prepare Just for Kids recipes designed to help parents get their kids into the kitchen. The recipe assets for publication can be accessed via this link: https://californiaclingpeaches.com/recipes.

The more involved kids become in preparing their own foods, the more likely they are to eat and enjoy what they make – a practice that can become a healthy habit well beyond childhood. This was recently confirmed in a study conducted by the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health, which found that knowing how to cook as a young person led to healthier eating practices in adulthood.

And along the way, kids learn that eating right can be fun, healthy and delicious!

According to food expert and author, Michael Pollan, cooking is key to a healthier diet and solving America’s obesity epidemic: “Cooking is probably the most important thing you can do to improve your diet. What matters most is not any particular nutrient, or even any particular food: it’s the act of cooking itself. People who cook eat a healthier diet without giving it a thought. It’s the collapse of home cooking that led directly to the obesity epidemic.”

The Just for Kids recipes are designed specifically for kids with small hands and limited use of kitchen tools in mind. The recipes feature sweet, nutritious California Cling Peaches and other ingredients that are readily available in most grocery stores. Developed to be fun, fast and simple, the recipes include such kid-friendly fare as the Grilled Cheese & California Cling Peach Snack Sandwich, California Cling Peach Quesadilla, California Cling Peach Smoothie Bowls and more.

Parents will also appreciate knowing that California Cling Peaches in cans, jars and plastic cups have the same or better nutrition than fresh peaches and contain less sugar per serving of fruit that other fruit choices.

Details on the university studies can be accessed here: https://californiaclingpeaches.com/nutrition

About the California Cling Peach Board

Founded in 1996, the California Cling Peach Board is a California State Marketing Order, issued in furtherance of the desire of California’s cling peach growers to create an environment that enhances the use of cling peaches through promotion, advertising, consumer education, production and marketing research, establishment of grades and standards, and compilation of industry statistics. California Cling Peaches are picked, packed and shipped at their peak of ripeness and available from your grocer year-round in cans, single-serve cups, and jars.

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Nine New California Cling Peach "Just for Kids" recipes!


Canned California Cling Peaches have less sugar per serving than other fruit choices


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New California Cling Peach recipes designed to get children involved in cooking and preparing their own food