New online platform offers currency solution for Venezuelans

New online platform offers currency solution for Venezuelans


NEW YORK, April 15, 2016 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — MercaDolar, an open and free-market solution enabling the individual purchase and sale of U.S. dollars for Venezuela, is now available through a secure & modern online portal.

Created by a team of young Venezuelans and Americans, the system is modeled after the current realities of the Venezuelan economy and performs the role of mediator for currency transactions. This is useful for many scenarios, including providing much-needed financial relief to loved ones in the country.

MercaDolar connects Venezuelans abroad who need to send money home with others in the country in search for scarce U.S. dollars – all within a secure, anonymous, and quick process. MercaDolar does not purchase or sell currency, and it does not impose any artificial exchange rate; it simply provides a market in which transactions occur within a predefined framework, thus safeguarding the best interests of both parties.

To use MercaDolar, all that is needed is to submit a one-time application, described in details in Once the documentation is reviewed and approved – usually within 24 hours – access is granted to buy and sell dollars in the market, and a new world of freedom and economic opportunities become available. It is important to state that in order to use MercaDolar, a bank account in the U.S. is required. However, buyers can use any ACH-enabled virtual payment account, such as Payoneer, to receive their funds.

Headquartered in New York City, MercaDolar executes all its transactions within the jurisdiction of the United States, where there are no restrictions imposed on the exchange of Bolivars.

If you wish to find more information about the services offered by this initiative, you can visit their website, as well as visit any of the popular social media sites, where they will gladly and promptly answer any questions.

New online platform offers currency solution for Venezuelans