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New Podcast “Parálisis Cerebral Respuestas” (Cerebral Palsy Answers) Premieres on reVolver Podcasts

New Podcast “Parálisis Cerebral Respuestas” (Cerebral Palsy Answers) Premieres on reVolver Podcasts


Innovative Spanish-Language Program Aims to Answer All Your Cerebral Palsy Questions

DALLAS, June 12, 2024 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — reVolver Podcasts is thrilled to announce the launch of a groundbreaking new program, Parálisis Cerebral Respuestas (Cerebral Palsy Answers). This unique Spanish-language podcast is dedicated to addressing the myriad questions surrounding Cerebral Palsy (CP). Hosted by the insightful and compassionate Azucena Garcia, this weekly series promises to deliver invaluable information through in-depth interviews with top specialists and individuals living with CP.

“Parálisis Cerebral Respuestas” is designed for anyone touched by Cerebral Palsy, including parents, partners, family members, friends, and individuals with CP themselves. Each episode will delve into expert insights and personal stories, providing listeners with a comprehensive understanding of CP. Listeners are encouraged to send their questions to [email protected] to be answered in future episodes.

Azucena Garcia brings a wealth of experience and empathy to the show, making complex medical information accessible and engaging. Her dedication to the CP community is evident in every episode, and her ability to connect with both experts and listeners sets this podcast apart.

About Azucena Garcia:
Azucena Garcia, a San Diego native, has turned her personal journey with Cerebral Palsy into a mission of advocacy and education. Diagnosed with Spastic Diplegia at the age of two, Azucena has faced daily muscle spasms and chronic leg pain throughout her life. Her condition, caused by a lack of oxygen at birth, led to early challenges, including being separated from her mother and spending critical weeks in the NICU with a grim prognosis.

Defying expectations, Azucena has lived a life full of accomplishments and adventures. She graduated from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) with a degree in Communications, worked as a teaching assistant in Spain, traveled to 17 countries, and built a career as a production coordinator in TV and film. Her love for sports and Latin American magical realism reflects her vibrant personality and diverse interests.

Despite the challenges posed by Cerebral Palsy, Azucena remains undeterred. Her journey has taught her that attitude, choices, and the pursuit of dreams define a person more than their abilities or disabilities. Through her podcast, she aims to provide resources, share stories, and raise awareness, making the world more inclusive for those with disabilities.

About the Podcast:
“Parálisis Cerebral Respuestas” seeks to answer all questions about Cerebral Palsy. Each week, Azucena interviews top specialists and individuals living with CP, offering valuable insights and support. Listeners can send their questions to [email protected] to be featured in upcoming episodes. The podcast is a valuable resource for anyone connected to the CP community, providing a platform for shared experiences and expert advice.

Stay connected with Parálisis Cerebral Respuestas and Azucena Garcia on social media: YouTube: PCRespuestasPodcast, Personal Website: www.azucenagarcia.com, Instagram: @azugarciaferro, Facebook: Azucena Garcia-Ferro

“Azucena’s story is both inspiring and enlightening. We are proud to have her on the reVolver Podcasts platform, bringing crucial awareness and answers to the Cerebral Palsy community,” said Jack Hobbs, President of reVolver Podcasts.

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New Podcast “Parálisis Cerebral Respuestas” (Cerebral Palsy Answers) Premieres on reVolver Podcasts