Newsmax and El American Sign Exclusive US Hispanic Ad Sales Partnership

Newsmax and El American Sign Exclusive US Hispanic Ad Sales Partnership


BOCA RATON, Fla., Aug. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Newsmax announced today that it has signed an exclusive US Hispanic ad sales partnership with El American.

Newsmax will serve as El American’s digital marketing agent to reach conservative US Hispanics.

Jorge Granier Phelps, CEO El American said, “We believe the Newsmax Ad Sales team and broader brand integrity are uniquely positioned to accelerate El American’s growth, while offering marketers a one-stop shop to reach conservative audiences.”

“Hispanics are patriots, and many came here because they wanted a better life.  Many US Hispanics fled their home countries, such as Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, searching for freedom and opportunity, and are increasingly voting conservative.”

A recent WSJ poll shows that Republicans have made rapid gains among a crucial voting demographic that has long favored Democrats, and that Hispanics are now evenly split between the parties.

Chris Ruddy, CEO Newsmax said, “US Hispanic conservatives deserve high-quality journalism that embraces faith, family, and entrepreneurship.  We’re delighted to empower El American’s rapid growth to provide an underserved audience a voice they deserve.”

About Newsmax
Newsmax Media, Inc. operates Newsmax, the nation’s fourth highest-rated cable news network and a top 25 cable channel, according to Nielsen. Newsmax is carried on all major cable and satellite systems, and is also available in more than 100 million U.S. homes through most streaming platforms. Newsmax’s media properties reach more than 40 million Americans regularly through Newsmax TV, the Newsmax App, its popular website, publications like Newsmax Magazine. Forbes has called Newsmax “a news powerhouse.”

About El American
El American is the bilingual digital media platform focused on providing information, opinion, analysis and real journalism to the fastest growing audience in the United States: Hispanics. El American is consumed by conservative and libertarian Hispanics across the U.S. and has a monthly reach of over 5 million individuals, with more than 250 million interactions across social media. The company is set to launch a 24/7 nationally syndicated television network.

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Newsmax and El American Sign Exclusive US Hispanic Ad Sales Partnership