Odigoo Launches A New Way To Travel The World

Odigoo Launches A New Way To Travel The World


Traveling in a Sustainable, Earth-Conscious Way Is Possible

CANCUN, Mexico, April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Odigoo Travel today announced the launching of its brand new environmentally conscious website OdigooTravel.com. Odigoo Travel is a company focused on offering extraordinary experiences and authentic human encounters to their customers, as well as activities that reconnect them with nature while traveling. 

Odigo means “guide” in Greek, and that’s what Odigoo Travel ultimately is for their customers, a guiding light that helps conscious travelers to find a new way to travel the world.

When Odigoo was conceived as a brand, its founders thought immediately about achieving sustainability. They strongly believe that brands should be focused on giving back more than they took from society. In the travel industry, sustainability must be a core value since the most important assets are those provided by nature.

“Odigoo is the wish to take care of our destinations and the customers who trust us; having top quality service providers and business partners who also share our values; and working with local communities to support and enhance their development,” says Florence Sutra, CEO at Odigoo Travel. “Our team of travel enthusiasts have decided to embark on the ambitious project of showing our customers another dimension of your favorite travel destinations, rediscovering them in a different way, a greener way!”

Odigoo Travel helps travelers to: 

–  Discover the adventure inside them by taking them to breathtaking places with exciting activities.
–  Reconnect with nature, highlighting the extraordinary biodiversity of our destinations. 
–  Get closer to a variety of animal species in the wild, with enriching activities such as birdwatching and whale watching. 
–  Get closer to the local culture, promoting a more conscious tourism.
–  Find the best information, advice and products to make the most of their traveling time. 

Odigoo Travel started operations in 2021, offering a greener way of traveling to all its customers. For more information, visit OdigooTravel.com.

About Odigoo Travel: Odigoo Travel is a team of international tourism professionals based in Cancun, Mexico. Odigoo Travel has built a network of travel services that allows it to offer a new, environmentally conscious way of traveling. Odigoo Travel offers its services in English, Spanish, and French to all its customers from day one.

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Odigoo Launches A New Way To Travel The World