Poised For Future Growth, American Bookkeeping Institute Now Inviting Investors on 15%...

Poised For Future Growth, American Bookkeeping Institute Now Inviting Investors on 15% Interest ROI Basis


American Bookkeeping Institute is providing live online courses for students to learn bookkeeping and start their own businesses. In order to make their courses more easily available and affordable, the institute is now looking for investors on straight interest ROI basis.

POMPANO BEACH, Florida, June 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — A premier EdTech institution, American Bookkeeping Institute (A.B.I.) is a provider of online education to students who want to learn bookkeeping online servicing USA small businesses in Spanish and English languages while starting their own online bookkeeping businesses from anywhere. Their classes consist of live online sessions with experienced teachers and certified public accountants, along with learning material that includes written/interactive content and videos. Providing their material in English and Spanish both, ABI targets markets in USA, Mexico, Central America and South America.

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According to ABI, the EdTech industry in the accounting niche has great potential for growth as accounting is one of the top growing global industries. By offering their courses to a larger demographic of Latino and Hispanic students more in line with their discretionary income, the institute will not only grow into a full-fledged accounting university but will also be able to expand into more markets and acquire many new students. There is a need in the market for cheaper yet high-quality bookkeeping courses. American Bookkeeping Institute aims to expand and improve their infrastructure with the investments.

According to statistics and market trends published by ResearchAndMarkets.com, market statistics and trends suggest that the accounting industry is poised for tremendous future growth. Experts claim that by 2022, accounting services including CPA firms and the payroll processing industry in the United States will reach $213.4 billion. This makes affordable online courses all the more valuable and in demand, a similar EdTech business has enrolled nearly 500,000 students in over 40 countries http://www.latamconferencehbs.org/keynotes-1/.

An ABI spokesperson chimed in and addressed the matter in an official press statement, “An equally beneficial opportunity for both investors and students, ABI is now looking to expand, grow the business and provide extremely high-quality online education training materials to larger numbers of students, at much more affordable tuition costs that fall in line with their discretionary income to spend on education and professional development. Our material is available in different languages, including Spanish for talented Latino and Hispanic students. We have a really good offer for investors with good ROI.”

The spokesperson further added, “Today’s crumbling economy has proven to be highly ineffective for personal investors. But, we are offering an opportunity to invest in a blooming business with great potential for growth in near future. In its search for next round funding of USD $2,500,000, ABI is attempting a non-traditional crowd funding strategy through USD $50,000 5 year investments.  With bank Certificates of Deposit paying a measly 2%, it’s a no brainer… We want investors to make 5 year investments with us.  The higher the investment, the more benefits for the investor because we are offering 15% annual interest ROI. For more information, we urge all interested people to get in touch with us for our term sheet paperwork.”

The current tuition cost at ABI for one and a half year of studies totals up to USD $11,499. According to the institute, this amount is highly unaffordable for a large number of people, along with South American students in general. By improving infrastructure and reaching out to more students by international marketing, the institute endeavors to reduce tuition costs to around USD $1,400 annually. This will make ABI courses highly affordable and valuable for a large number of students and allow expansion into many international markets, thus poising the institute for success.


Headquartered in the United States, the American Bookkeeping Institute has been created to educate students in real business experience and entrepreneurial job training. ABI helps students in acquiring the necessary education to start, run and grow their own business. The institute provides live classes and multimedia content; students can obtain a certification as a Professional Bookkeeper with a certification in QuickBooks Accounting Software.

Poised For Future Growth, American Bookkeeping Institute Now Inviting Investors on 15% Interest ROI Basis