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Introducing Zigzy: The New Way to Win the Bidding War and Get...

Introducing Zigzy: The New Way to Win the Bidding War and Get That House


Zigzy can help turn house hunters into cash buyers, find the right real estate agent, and get a mortgage

PLANO, Texas, June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — It’s hard to buy a house these days. Inventory is tight, and the ones that hit the market are sold as soon as they’re listed. In fact, many are purchased in cash. But the American dream of owning a home isn’t over. It just needs a new way for prospective homeowners to achieve it.

Meet Zigzy: the new way to get a house. Zigzy is built for today’s housing market and solves the all-too-real, every day challenges that traditional homebuyers are facing. This includes showing traditional homebuyers how to become cash buyers, helping them bid on a home in cash and winning the bidding war.

Zigzy can also help house hunters connect with the right real estate agent – one who’s deeply connected in their market and knows the ins-and-outs beyond housing apps and websites. And Zigzy can help with the mortgage too.

“The American dream of homeownership was at risk. We can’t change what’s happening in the market, but we can level the playing field by equipping families with the resources they need to get the house of their dreams,” said Zigzy CEO Rick Arvielo. “Zigzy is designed for everyday dreamers to overcome the hurdles they’re facing when thinking about homeownership. We can turn them into cash buyers, help them find the right real estate agent, and help them with a mortgage that’s right for their life. It’s the new way to get that house.”

Zigzy makes it easier for homebuyers to get that house by showing them how to become a cash buyer, allowing them to buy their dream home upfront with cash, which helps homebuyers in many ways.

“Buying in cash has a number of benefits,” added Arvielo. “The latest market data shows that sellers are four times more likely to go with cash buyers when there are multiple bids1.. You’ll also save time, and most likely significant money, when buying in cash.”

Cash buyers pay about 11% less than those using a mortgage2. Homes close more quickly when buying in cash. And, with Zigzy, a buyer can even move into their new home before they sell their current home.

The Top Real Estate Agents

Zigzy helps prospective homeowners connect with the top real estate agents in their area. With Zigzy, buyers can wade through the sea of real estate agents and get matched with a true professional who knows how to find a house and close the deal, not the “weekend warrior” who dabbles in real estate. In today’s tight market, a leading, local real estate agent can make all the difference – not only in finding a listing, but also having a buyer selected by the sellers and listing agent as well.

The Right Mortgage

As one of the top lenders in the nation, Zigzy offers numerous mortgage options to meet each family’s needs. The Zigzy team of local loan officers has built relationships with top real estate agents. Together, they know how to navigate their complex, local market to help borrowers win on all fronts. The Zigzy team also guides borrowers through the entire home loan process – from application through closing and beyond.

The Zigzy home loan experience is built on technology that speeds up the homebuying process, and the team is there at every step of the process, ensuring that any question is answered with care and efficiency.

Zigzy is now available to homebuyers, sellers, and homeowners nationwide, excluding Hawaii and New York.

About Zigzy

Zigzy is the new way to get that house. In a market as competitive as ever, Zigzy tips the scales for traditional homebuyers, helping turn them into cash buyers so they can win the bidding war. Zigzy also helps buyers connect with top, local real estate agents, and offers the best home loan options for their families. Learn more and get that house at zigzy.com.



Introducing Zigzy: The New Way to Win the Bidding War and Get That House