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Remote Patient Monitoring Scams: The New York StateWide Senior Action Council’s “Medicare...

Remote Patient Monitoring Scams: The New York StateWide Senior Action Council’s “Medicare Fraud of the Month”


ALBANY, N.Y., Jan. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — The New York StateWide Senior Action Council (StateWide), an organization dedicated to advocacy for the rights of seniors in New York State, today announced its Medicare Fraud of the Month for January, Remote Patient Monitoring Scams (RPM)

The StateWide Fraud of the Month is a component of the Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP), the definitive resource for New York State’s senior citizens and caregivers to detect, prevent, and report healthcare fraud, errors, and abuse. StateWide is New York’s grantee/administrator for this Federal Program.

“Remote patient monitoring is the use of digital technologies to collect health data from patients in one location and electronically transmit that information securely to providers in a different location (data can include vital signs, blood pressure or pacemaker information). Equipment can include glucose monitors, blood pressure cuffs, cardiac rhythm devices, and other devices,” explained Maria Alvarez, Executive Director of StateWide.

Some RPM tactics Scammers may use Include:

  • Scammers sign up Medicare enrollees for RPM services and deliver monitoring equipment regardless of medical necessity.
    • Contact may include using text, phone, email, internet ads, and often are from a durable medical equipment company or pharmacy.
    • Billing might be listed under different care management services or behavioral health services.
  • Most often, the monitoring never happens, but the enrollee is still billed monthly.

To protect seniors from RPM scams Alvarez advises the following:

  • Check Medicare Statements for claims that reference “remote monitoring” or office visits that did not take place.
    • If unordered medical equipment is delivered, refuse delivery.
    • Keep a record of the sender’s name and date you returned the item.
  • Do not disclose Medicare information to anyone except for your provider’s office.
  • Be sure YOUR doctor has assessed your condition and prescribes the services or equipment being provided.

Seniors or their caregivers can report Medicare Card Scams by calling the NYS Senior Medicare Patrol at 800-333-4374. Make sure you have any information relating to the violation including the name of the person you spoke to, the date, and any other details about the incident.

Seniors can also call an Outreach Counselor for a free and confidential appointment to discuss their situation and review plan options. The New York StateWide Senior Action Council can assist with Medicare questions, plan comparisons, appeals and billing issues, Medicare Fraud, and Patient’s Rights by calling StateWide at 800-333-4374 for free.

It is estimated that Medicare fraud costs taxpayers over $60 billion dollars nationally per year. To help combat this illicit industry StateWide announced its Fraud of the Month program in 2022 to highlight these scams being perpetrated on the State’s seniors.

SOURCE New York StateWide Senior Action Council, Inc.

Remote Patient Monitoring Scams: The New York StateWide Senior Action Council’s “Medicare Fraud of the Month”