Sagrado Global opens a new academic proposal in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale...

Sagrado Global opens a new academic proposal in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale and joins the list of Puerto Rican businesses expanding in the United States


MIAMI, Aug. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — The prestigious University of the Sagrado Corazón, of San Juan, Puerto Rico, began two years ago a process of academic and institutional transformation that meets the new challenges and academic trends, offering an innovative educational experience in which the classroom is the world.

It was during this time that Puerto Rico, home to more than 3.3 million American citizens, suffered from the terrible onslaught of Hurricane Maria, one of the most devastating natural disasters in the history of the United States. This tragedy brought new challenges for higher education institutions on the island. The material destruction and the scarcity of resources generated great mobility limitations and difficulties for access to educational facilities, emigration reached at least 8% and many students took the arduous task of attending and supporting in the reconstruction of their homes, limiting their educational time and priorities.

To meet this need, the University of the Sagrado Corazón developed a project adjusted to these variables and created an academic offer based on access to education remotely, but live, with the same quality and benefits offered in a classroom.

This is how Sagrado Global was developed, which is the School of Professional Studies of the University of the Sagrado Corazón, with a virtual platform in real time, called synchronous learning. This initiative was achieved thanks in part to the alliance with the Faculty Resource Network of New York University (NYU) and staff of the University of Cincinnati; and it is based on the latest trends in professional education and the labor market, which clearly reflects the mission and institutional vision of the Sagrado Corazón.

Sagrado Global allows students and professionals to take courses and certificates taught by professors from renowned universities in the United States and Puerto Rico through the video-presence modality through the Zoom platform where students can have a complete and live interaction with the teacher. The majority of courses are taught in Spanish.

With a view to expand beyond the island, Sagrado Global decides to expand to Miami, FL due to the great Hispanic diversity that exists in this city, as well as its links with Puerto Rico and Latin America. Sacred Global joins the list of numerous Puerto Rican businesses that have decided to expand to the United States in recent years.

“As a past government official, exposed to the multiple challenges of the public education system (both elementary and university level) and as a university professor in New York City in the last six (6) years, I have seen how education has evolved at a leaps and bounds in the world, with changes of approach, methodologies, curricula, disciplines and technology that were not even contemplated even 5 years ago. The use of artificial intelligence and interactive teaching methods are already, and will continue to be, a pillar of pedagogical improvement,” said Jorge Silva Puras, Director of Sagrado Global.

The Sagrado Global platform currently has more than 15 synchronous courses covering the disciplines of digital marketing, analytical data, graphic design, technology, health, photography, among others.

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Arminda Resto, Sr. Publicist 

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Sagrado Global opens a new academic proposal in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale and joins the list of Puerto Rican businesses expanding in the United States