Sanders Phillips Grossman, L.L.C., a national law firm, fights back against opioids...

Sanders Phillips Grossman, L.L.C., a national law firm, fights back against opioids manufacturers


GARDEN CITY, New York, Aug. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that the abuse of powerful prescription painkillers, opioids, costs the economy over $78.5 billion dollars annually and growing.  Billions in problems require social injustice law firms to fight back against manufacturer enablers, seeking solutions.

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Sanders Phillips Grossman, formed a special task force to seek justice for local and State municipalities for costs associated with the epidemic caused by the pharmaceutical industry with attorneys and former government officials dedicated to fighting against this injustice.  

Marc D. Grossman, Esq., the Senior Managing Partner heads the task force.  Mr. Grossman has been an advocate for consumer rights for over twenty-five years, He has served on numerous committees on the Federal and State levels.  He is known as one of the premier lawyers in the country receiving awards and accolades for his efforts.  

The task force includes the former Governor of Puerto Rico, Alejandro Garcia Padilla, who encountered and tried to tackle the issues of pain medication addiction in Puerto Rico.  Puerto Rico is on the list of territories recommended to be put into a state of emergency by President Trump. 

Melissa Sims, Esq., an attorney who has a history of fighting for municipality rights all over the nation is also a task force member.  Ms. Sims is at the forefront of litigation to recover monies wrongfully spent by local State municipalities because of big drug companies valuing profits over addiction.   She has also represented large unions and corporations for recoupment of medical costs and expenses associated with pharmaceutical and medical device negligence.  

Dr. John Restaino, JD., as a member contributes both his medical and legal knowledge.  He is a surgeon who became an attorney to advocate for patient rights against pharmaceutical and medical device companies.  Through his medical and legal practices over several decades, Dr. Restaino saw first-hand the damages inflicted from poor warnings, harmful products that caused catastrophic injuries including death and the plight that addiction causes so many Americans today. 

Additionally, the task force will include Randi A. Kassan and Vicki Maniatis, partners at Sanders Phillips Grossman, LLC and Senior Associate Timothy Clark who are all dedicated to fighting this injustice and will bring their extensive experience and vast knowledge and experience to the cause. Collectively, the Sanders Phillips Grossman task force will fight for justice and raise awareness about this national emergency.  This follows in the firm’s history as lead counsel in In Re Oxycontin II in the New York State litigation, representing several hundred drug addicts.  Sanders Phillips Grossman, LLC also participated in several successful litigations for municipalities and unions for reimbursement of costs associated with pharmaceutical wrongful advertising and other abuses.

Sanders Phillips Grossman, LLC partners have a fifty-four year history as a leading force in social injustice litigation including mass-tort litigation and is prepared to help victims nationwide who have been harmed at the hands of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturer companies. Leading the charge, the Sanders Firm team is consistently investigating links and developments in mass-tort litigation at the highest level. The firm’s advocates sit on the Plaintiffs’ steering committees of the most widely litigated pharmaceutical claims. The firm’s members continue to lead the discussion at national conventions such as Mass Torts Made Perfect, and serve as chairmen of the reputable Mass Tort Medical School, among many other notable achievements. 

For questions, comments and inquiries please visit or call 833-SANDERS or e-mail Senior Partner Marc D. Grossman at Sanders Phillips Grossman, LLC has offices located throughout the United States including New York, California, Washington, New Jersey, Illinois, Colorado and Puerto Rico.  Our attorneys are admitted to practice law in state or federal courts in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Georgia, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin. The firm and its affiliates have over fifty attorneys and two hundred support staff dedicated to fighting for social injustices in the United States.  

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Sanders Phillips Grossman, L.L.C., a national law firm, fights back against opioids manufacturers