If You Bought A KeVita Master Brew Kombucha Product Any Time Prior...

If You Bought A KeVita Master Brew Kombucha Product Any Time Prior To September 16, 2020, You May Be Entitled To Receive Money From A Class Action Settlement


WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif., Dec. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — The following statement is being issued by Bradley/Grombacher LLP regarding the KeVita Master Brew Kombucha Products Settlement.

There is a Proposed Settlement in a Class Action lawsuit that claims KeVita, Inc. (“Defendant”) violated state laws regarding the labeling and marketing of KeVita Master Brew Kombucha Products. Defendant denies it did anything wrong and denies all of the claims made in this lawsuit.  If you purchased Kevita Masterbrew Kombucha any time prior to September 16, 2020, you may be entitled to a cash payment as part of the settlement of up to $60 with proof of purchase and up to $9 without any proof of purchase. 

To receive a monetary payment, you must submit a Claim Form by January 14, 2021. Claim Forms can be found at http://www.masterbrewsettlement.com/ or can be requested by 1-844-702-2784.

This is only a summary of the settlement and its terms and obligations. For complete details, including the claim form, court documents, and other information, please visit http://www.masterbrewsettlement.com/ or contact the settlement administrator at 1-844-702-2784.

Anyone in the United States or U.S. territories who bought KeVita Master Brew Kombucha Products prior to September 16, 2020 in the United States or U.S. territories is considered a potential Class Member and is eligible to file a Claim. A full list of the Products covered by the Proposed Settlement is available at the website located at www.MasterBrewSettlement.com or by calling (844) 702-2784.

If the Proposed Settlement is approved and becomes final, it will provide Benefits to Class Members. Defendant will make payments to those Class Members who file Valid Claims by submitting a Claim Form by the deadline, as well as pay for costs associated with the notice and administration of the Settlement, Attorneys’ Fees and Expenses to the attorneys for the Class, and an Incentive Award to the named Plaintiffs.

In addition, Defendant has agreed to modify the labels of the Products on a going forward basis, so that to the extent that Defendant continues to state that the Products contain “LIVE PROBIOTICS,” Defendant will also, at its sole discretion, make one of the following statements somewhere on the Products’ label: “enhanced with live probiotics,” “boosted with live probiotics,” or “live probiotics added”; and to the extent that Defendant continues to utilize pasteurization during the manufacturing process for the Products, Defendant will reference pasteurization somewhere on the Products’ label, as determined in Defendant’s sole discretion. Full details about the Proposed Settlement are in the Settlement Agreement (called the “Settlement” and available at www.MasterBrewSettlement.com).

If you are a Class Member, you may submit a Claim Form online at www.MasterBrewSettlement.com or by mail by January 14, 2021. Payments for those submitting valid, timely Claims could be $0.30 for up to 200 Products (with Proof of Purchase) or up to 30 Products (without Proof of Purchase), depending on the number of Products you purchased.

If you are a Class Member, you may (1) do nothing; (2) exclude yourself from the Proposed Settlement; (3) submit a Claim Form; or (4) object to the Proposed Settlement and, if you choose, go to a hearing about the fairness of the Proposed Settlement.

If you do not want to be bound by the Proposed Settlement, you must affirmatively exclude yourself by letter postmarked by December 15, 2020. If you exclude yourself, you cannot get a Benefit from this Settlement, but you will not be barred from filing another lawsuit against Defendant about the claims in this case. 

If you remain a Class Member, you may submit a Claim Form and/or object to the Proposed Settlement. All Claim Forms must be submitted by January 14, 2021. Objections must be filed with the Court and served on (meaning, mailed to) the Settlement Administrator, Class Counsel, and Defense Counsel by December 30, 2020.

PLEASE SEE THE LONG FORM NOTICE at www.MasterBrewSettlement.com or call (844) 702-2784 for complete instructions on how to file a claim, object, or exclude yourself, and other important information. The Court will hold a hearing in this case on January 20, 2021 at 8:20 a.m. in Department 4 of the Superior Court of California for the County of Ventura, 800 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura, California 93009, to consider approval of the Proposed Settlement, a payment of up to a total of $835,000 to Class Counsel (Bradley/Grombacher LLP) for Attorneys’ Fees and Expenses and a payment of up to a total of $150,000 to the 19 named Plaintiffs as an Incentive Award, and related issues. The motion(s) by Class Counsel for those fees, costs, and Incentive Awards for the named Plaintiffs will be available on the Settlement Website after they are filed and before the above hearing.

You may appear at the hearing, but you are not required to appear.

Visit www.MasterBrewSettlement.com or call (844) 702-2784 or write to KeVita Settlement, c/o Settlement Administrator, PO Box 41920, Philadelphia PA 19101-1920.

SOURCE Bradley/Grombacher LLP

If You Bought A KeVita Master Brew Kombucha Product Any Time Prior To September 16, 2020, You May Be Entitled To Receive Money From A Class Action Settlement