Tajín, Hot on the Trail of the Hot Sauce Category in the...

Tajín, Hot on the Trail of the Hot Sauce Category in the U.S., Launches its Sauces with a New Advertising Campaign

The brand is looking to reinforce efforts with a renewed emphasis on two of its leading sauces


HOUSTON, July 7, 2021 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — In its quest to continue expanding its product portfolio, Tajín International Corporation is expanding its efforts for its Tajín Mild Hot Sauce and Tajín Fruity Chamoy Hot Sauce, to compete in the growing hot sauce category.

Tajín Mild Hot Sauce

According to the new report by IMARC Group, the global hot sauce market will reach US$ 5.9 billion by 2025. This growth in the demand has been influenced by the increasing popularity of Pan Asian and Latin American cuisine, and by today’s consumers who are becoming more adventurous with food and like to try new and different flavors.

Tajín aims to make these two sauces as equally popular as its Tajin Clásico seasoning with its chili-lime flavor, while competing in the hot sauce category with a mild heat level.

“Not all people have a palate for very spicy hot sauces. In fact, a substantial number of category users actually prefer a mild-to-medium heat level. These Tajín flavors range from fruity and tangy to mildly spicy, always with the distinctive touch of lime that differentiates the Tajin brand. As a result, consumers will be drawn to these high quality, innovative product options to dip, top, mix and enjoy the snacks they love,” said Javier Leyva, Tajín International Corp Director for the U.S.

Just like its parent brand Tajín Clásico Seasoning, Tajín Mild Hot Sauce is made with a blend of 100% natural chilies, lime juice and sea salt, but presented in a sauce product format and larger size of 15.8 ounces. Tajín Fruity Chamoy Hot Sauce is made with the same natural ingredients but offers a unique fruity and tangy flavor that comes from apricots. Unlike other sauces in the market, Tajín brand sauces have no added sugar or coloring which make them perfect for the entire family.

Tajín will accompany the launch with a marketing campaign that demonstrates the different ways consumers can use the sauces to enjoy their favorite snacks – the saucy way to TajinIT! For example, the Mild Hot Sauce with its red cap is great in companion with savory snacks like tortilla chips, chicken wings, pizza and even micheladas, while Tajin Fruity Chamoy, with its yellow cap, is meant to be paired with sweet snacks like fruits, smoothies, mangonadas and ice pops. Additionally, both sauces mix well with Tajín Clásico in delicious dishes like botanas (snacks) or to rim a glass for a drink.

Tajín Mild Hot Sauce and Tajín Fruity Chamoy Mild Hot Sauce are available now at select grocery stores and on Amazon.

About Tajín

Tajín is a privately held company established in Mexico since 1985. Its subsidiary office, Tajín International was incorporated in the United States in 1993. The leading fruit seasoning in Mexico and in the U.S., Tajín is a well-balanced blend of mild chili peppers, sea salt and dehydrated lime. More recently, the brand expanded into the hot sauce category with two sauces, Tajín Mild Hot Sauce and Tajín Fruity Chamoy Hot Sauce. Tajín is produced in Zapopán, Mexico from world class chiles bought from farmers in the region and then exported to the U.S. as a packaged and branded product, approved by the FDA, to be sold at wholesale and retail. Tajín is sold in more than 24,000 points of sale in the U.S. www.tajin.com.

Tajín Fruity Chamoy Hot Sauce

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Tajín, Hot on the Trail of the Hot Sauce Category in the U.S., Launches its Sauces with a New Advertising Campaign