Tekmovil Announces Partnership with Brighter Children to support Children’s Education.

Tekmovil Announces Partnership with Brighter Children to support Children’s Education.


MIAMI , June 14, 2021 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — The recent COVID-19 pandemic has really opened everyone’s eyes to what unprecedented realities the modern world faces today. All over the entire world and in every possible human aspect our lives have been halted and skewed from what we once considered “the norm” to what we now consider “the new normal”.  We no longer just think of our world in silos but think of it in a bigger picture and in times of uncertainty we have all found a common ground in wanting to make “our world” a better place.  With this in mind and as part of a new era for Tekmovil’s corporate social responsibility efforts, we have partnered with Brighter Children to begin a relationship which will support education initiatives for children living in some of the world’s most impoverished countries.  

Founded in 2013, Brighter Children was created on the principle that education is a key factor in the success of all children. Today there are approximately 60 million children in the world who are unable to attend primary school due to their unfavorable environmental factors.  Brighter Children gives these children the opportunity to attend school by supporting the efforts of educational entrepreneurs who have taken on the task of providing educational facilities in some of the most impoverished countries. Their efforts combined with donations allow children to attend schools who would not otherwise be able to in hopes to break the cycle of poverty.

Since its inception, Brighter Children has funded over 2 million hours of education for more than 1,500 children. With the support of Tekmovil as a Regional Player, it generous donation a collective group of 20 girls attending the Oasis School of Hope in Santa Maria, Colombia will be given the opportunity to continue their path to educational success.  100 % of the Tekmovil donation will be used to fund the costs of not only their private education, but also their uniforms, textbooks, transportation, school meals, health care, and much more.

“Our hope with this partnership is that not only we give these children the opportunity to continue learning, but also open the doors of possibility for them.  Education is the first step to building a strong foundation and if given the right tools and opportunities, we know in our hearts they will be able to succeed.

At Tekmovil we believe the best way to stop the cycle of poverty is to support children in their education. That is why we decided to partner with Brighter Children and their mission. Develop our future leaders in educational skills that will allow them to overcome barriers and make dreams into reality.”  said Claudia Rodríguez, COO of Tekmovil.

Through our continued support and other sponsors and partnerships Brighter Children has been able to secure, the organization can continue to change lives.  Results that can be measured through stories heard and smiles seen on the faces of the children in the local community. This was an opportunity we could not shy away from and the first step to ensuring Tekmovil makes a humanitarian imprint in the world starting at Latinamerica.

For more information and ways to support this cause visit https://www.brighterchildren.org/


Tekmovil LLC is a multinational consumer distribution company headquartered in Miami, FL with operations in 14 countries.

At Tekmovil, we trust in the potential of global connectivity, we are convinced that there are no borders, so we bet that our unique distribution focus and our highly specialized team will be a fundamental engine to bring the best technology available to everyone.


Brighter Children
finds and funds local schools to extend the gift of education to deserving children in some of the most impoverished communities around the world. Brighter Children is a nonprofit breaking the cycle of poverty by helping children to succeed in school.

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Tekmovil Announces Partnership with Brighter Children to support Children’s Education.