The 2020 “Cars of the Year” in all categories

The 2020 “Cars of the Year” in all categories


MIAMI, Nov. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Renowned automotive journalist Enrique Kogan has named the cars of the year since 1982 when he launched Automundo Magazine, (which he sold in 92, but is still being published).

2020 Telluride

Over time, he felt the need to not limit this recognition to a single vehicle, therefore additional categories have been included.

Today, there are countless media and organizations that name cars of the year and unfortunately some of these cars turned out to be lemons of the year.

“Due to my vast knowledge in this field, I feel that I can name the best cars for 2020.  Yes my intuition may be wrong, but looking back to previous years, I feel I have hit it on the nail. 

I select the cars of the year so that buyers can be informed on the cars that appeal to them and whether or not that particular model has been awarded, “says Enrique.

He explains that when he selects a model of the year, he tries to analyze details, road tests, history, manufacture and several other references that merit an award.

“I like to study the model’s history, reliability, resale value and behavior on the road,” he says.

To determine which ones make the cut for the cars of the year 2020, he has been studying each category and each model. 

He explains that if we were to nominate “revelations of the year” like they do in entertainment,  we have Kia Telurride, Hyundai Sonata and Palisade, Chevrolet Corvette, Toyota Supra and the Jeep Gladiator.

Here is the list of the Cars of the Year by segment for 2020:

Sub compact:
Winner: Honda Fit for its reliability.
Second: Mini Cooper, for its excellent maneuverability and resale value.

Winner: Volkswagen GTI a car that excites driving.
Second: Honda Civic, for reliability and being the best-selling among Hispanics.

Medium sedan:
Winner: Hyundai Sonata for its exciting new design.
Second: BMW M3 for the thrill of driving it. Just looking at it attracts you.

Large sedan:
Winner: Kia K900, the driver knows why it is best in this category. More value for your money.
Second: Toyota Avalon, one of the most reliable in the market with excellent resale value.

Luxury Sedan:
Winner: Lexus LS 500 the best since it went on sale. It has reliability, resale value and zero problems.
Second: Mercedes Benz S-Class What can I tell you about this car that you don’t know. It is the object of the desire of many.

Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) small:
Winner: Hyundai Kona, since its launch its a car that has been a success all around.
Second: Honda CRV for history and reliability, it deserves to be on this list.

Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) Medium:
Winner: Toyota RAV4, always faithful, productive, trouble free and with good resale value.
Second: BMW X1 for being a more exciting vehicle to drive than other medium SUVs.

Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) Large:
Winner: Kia Telluride, Since it came out it has been a success in sales. I tried it in the worst conditions and I loved it.
Second: Hyundai Palisade, the brother of Telluride, looks fantastic and has an excellent ride.

Luxury Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV):
Winner: Lexus LX 570, a world-acclaimed luxury Toyota Land Cruiser, is worth everything they ask for.
Second: Mercedes Benz G-Class, a bit less reliable than the Lexus, but worldwide recognized as one of the best luxury SUVs.

Sports vehicle:
Winner: Chevrolet Corvette, with its Ferrari look and its central engine, is undoubtedly the sport of the year.
Second: Dodge Challenger, inexplicably exceeds sales to the Mustang and Camaro, and its resale value is among the best.

Midsize Pick Up:
Winner: Toyota Tacoma, far and far the most reliable and best resale value.
Second: Jeep Gladiator, for some it is uglier than Quasimodo’s sister, for others it is the prettiest. For me, it is a must on this list.

Full size Pick Up:
Winner: Ram 1500. Today, the Ram is in its best position, is the best and beats the Ford F 150 in Hispanic tastes.
Second: The Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra share them. La Silverado is the best-selling among Hispanics.

Hybrid vehicles:
Winner: Toyota Prius, by history, reliability and resale value is the undisputed winner of the hybrids.

Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) Hybrid:
Winner: Toyota Highlander Hybrid, I do not have to give the reasons, because by history they already know why it is the best

Winner: Draw between the Honda Odyssey and the Toyota Siena. The Kia Sedona comes a tad from behind.

Winner in each category, The Tesla. Do not invent with other models as the Tesla outperform everyone. Audi with the e-tron progresses.

About Enrique Kogan:
Enrique Kogan is an Argentine journalist based in Miami since 1981 and one of the most recognized names in the automotive industry.

He has a history of more than 35 years in the industry, was the founder of Automundo magazine, which he sold and is now a contributor to the great newspapers of the Latino community in the United States and Latin America.

Passionate about the world of motorsports since childhood, Enrique Kogan is the owner of Auto News Wire Inc, which includes PurosAutos, PurosViajes and dozens of other sites.

About Syndicate Auto News Wire Inc:
Auto News Wire Inc., is the company that owns more than 100 Hispanic sites including a specialized automotive site with the latest news, advice, expert opinions, collaborators and much more from the automotive world. 

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The 2020 “Cars of the Year” in all categories