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ThoughtWorld for iOS debuts on the App Store

ThoughtWorld for iOS debuts on the App Store


IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — ThoughtWorld is now at your fingertips. The social sharing site that features interactive virtual graphics and anonymous posting has landed on the App Store.

“Bringing our world of thought to life in the App Store is such a big step forward because it helps us connect this amazing virtual world to even more people,” said founder and CEO Robert Ming. “People are going to like making a difference with their ideas. “

ThoughtWorld’s app is a place to leave your thoughts anonymously, where you don’t have to worry about trolls or malicious comment threads. Posts are made with assistance from seasoned writers who can guide you if you need it. There’s nowhere quite like ThoughtWorld, or its new iOS app.

ThoughtWorld’s iOS app features: 

  • Real People – Identity verification ensures that only real people, participating anonymously, can vote or submit thoughts.
  • Single Thoughts – Each thought is a single idea with a reason. Submit your thought and an experienced curator will help perfect it.
  • Collaborate – Join with other thinkers to form new thoughts and share your thoughts with your friends.
  • Trusted People – Liked thoughts lead to trusted people who help shape which thoughts you might like and expand your thinking. 
  • Consensus – Mountains and valleys represent popular or unpopular thoughts, and show public opinion changes the landscape over time.
  • Virtual World – You can navigate the virtual world to discover subjects and ideas that will expand your knowledge.

At ThoughtWorld users vote on topics and change the landscape of thought, literally. ThoughtWorld’s interactive virtual world responds to your votes. Popular thoughts rise like mountains and unpopular thoughts sink like valleys. It’s the best way to share what’s on your mind and make real change with your ideas.

Everyone’s thoughts have a place on the worldwide spectrum, thanks to the creators of ThoughtWorld, a beautiful and innovative online space (thoughtworld.com), where people can safely and anonymously share their thoughts, see what others think, and add real value to market research and data science.  

This marks the first app release for ThoughtWorld and is limited to the iOS devices. An Android capable app is due in a few weeks.

Download the iOS app today right here. 



The creators of ThoughtWorld (thoughtworld.com), designed an innovative online space where people can safely and anonymously share their thoughts, see what others think, and add real value to public conversation. ThoughtWorld Founder and CEO Robert Ming created this breathtaking tool as a way to cut through the clutter found on most social media platforms. The goal is to encourage honest engagement and collaboration.


Robert Ming is founder and CEO of ThoughtWorld, and is responsible for setting the overall policy and direction of the company and platform.  His deep desire to bring people together and make the world a better place shows not only in the platform, but in the way he has invested his energy throughout life.  As a practicing attorney and Founding Partner of Quadrant Law Group, a law firm that specializes in technology contract negotiation, Robert found his love for bringing people together and making complex things simple.  He used those skills politically while Mayor of  Laguna Niguel, California, where he served as a council member for 8 years.  During that

time he also founded the Association of California Cities – Orange County, a public policy think tank for bringing elected officials together to tackle some of the most difficult political issues of the day.  He loves making safe places where people can learn and expand their minds as he has done as Chairman of Stoneybrooke Christian Schools, where he has served for 17 years.  Together with his wife Susie, Robert is committed to creating a brave new world where their four children can hear and be heard without fear or violence, where they can think and understand the opinions of others and bridge the gaps between people.  Read more here.

Sanford Cameron is the Chief Revenue Officer. He brings over 20 years of experience working in the market research and software industries with a heavy focus on the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, as well as the financial services, consumer, retail, tech and professional services spaces.

His career includes building successful B2B sales organizations at companies such as YouGov, Decision Resources Group (Manhattan Research), GlobalData and Abt Bio-Pharma Solutions. He has coordinated numerous global research projects involving key opinion leaders, consumers, and industry stakeholders providing actionable analysis to his clients.

Sanford also has significant experience with SaaS platforms, text mining, categorization, and visualization technologies having served in executive level and leadership positions at several start-up ventures. He also served as General Manager and EVP at HotGrinds Inc., a social media mining and analytics company. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, sailing, skiing, traveling and wine country (wherever that may be).

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ThoughtWorld for iOS debuts on the App Store