Unreasonable Institute rebrands to Uncharted, shifting focus towards tackling problems

Unreasonable Institute rebrands to Uncharted, shifting focus towards tackling problems


DENVER, July 25, 2017 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Today, the social impact organization Unreasonable Institute officially rebranded to Uncharted. The new brand represents the organization’s shifting approach to impact.

Having run programs since 2010 with an entrepreneur-centric model, the team learned that problems require engaging larger audiences of corporations, policy-makers, governments, and foundations, in addition to entrepreneurs. They are now focused on building collective movements around singular problems, involving everyone who has a relevant investment in the specific issue.

Uncharted describes their new approach in three steps:

  1. Identify a single problem. They define a specific, unsolved issue they want to take on, sometimes with help from the public, sometimes with help from a partner, and sometimes on their own
  2. Build a group to tackle it. Uncharted finds extraordinary people pioneering solutions to different aspects of this issue and brings them together to build a collective movement attacking the problem from all sides
  3. Run a program to solve it. The run 6-18 month long programs consisting of boot-camps that unite entrepreneurs, partners, mentors, funders, and corporations around a specific problem in order to drive measurable outcomes

They have already tested this new approach. They partnered with Rockefeller Foundation to address urban poverty, City of Denver to tackle food deserts, and Gary Community Investments to improve the lives of low-income children.

Additionally, the new brand represents how there is no single way to solve problems. As Uncharted, the organization is heading into unknown territory to learn how to solve problems.

CEO Teju Ravilochan explains, “The only thing that solves problems that no one knows how to solve is systematic—and relentless—trial and error.”

The visual brand—the logo and its various shapes —illustrates that problems are complex and dynamic. “We need to constantly challenge and adapt our approaches to problems in order to learn what works and what doesn’t,” says Laura Schwecherl, Uncharted’s Director of Marketing and Communications. “The new brand brings this idea front and center. We couldn’t be more happy with it.”

About Uncharted

Uncharted builds coordinated movements of entrepreneurs around big problems, giving them what they need to attack it from all sides. We define a problem, mobilize those best fit to tackle it, then resource them with the mentors, funders, and partners they need to drive big impact on big issues.

For more information, please contact:
Laura Schwecherl, Director of Marketing and Communications
Phone: (631) 848-8016

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Unreasonable Institute rebrands to Uncharted, shifting focus towards tackling problems