WiserTogether empowers people through Actionable Treatment Guidance with its new Solution, “Return...

WiserTogether empowers people through Actionable Treatment Guidance with its new Solution, “Return to Health®”

Return to Health® delivers validated clinical information that enables healthcare consumers to make improved treatment decisions leading to lower costs


BOSTON, April 17, 2017 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — WiserTogether today announces a relaunch of the company’s healthcare treatment platform for its enterprise clients and their employees, members and patients. The new flagship solution, Return to Health®, also introduced as a mobile app, empowers health consumers to improve their decision-making leading to greater adherence and decreased cost. Return to Health® integrates clinical guidelines, exclusive consumer preference ratings, cost transparency, and return to health timeline data with the specific condition and attributes of the user. The solution synthesizes this vast array of data into Best, Good and Poor treatment categories, enabling the individual to understand, act and adhere to the most appropriate next step on their road to improved health. WiserTogether’s Return to Health® automates the steps necessary to act on their treatment choices and facilitates a true Shared Decision Process with their provider.


The Return to Health® platform was launched in January 2017 and half of the WiserTogether client base has already chosen to launch the enhanced tool. Clients who have implemented are seeing an average increase of 62% in their population’s utilization and engagement.  

By delivering understandable and actionable treatment guidance insights to individuals, WiserTogether clients enable their employees, members and patients to make informed decisions and to engage in a more effective shared interaction with their providers, facilitating improved outcomes, reduced costs and a faster return to health.  

“With the exponential growth of clinical treatment information available online, some appropriate and some not, it is increasingly challenging for individuals to determine what the most appropriate treatment options are for them,” said Max Kahn, WiserTogether CEO. “We are excited about the capabilities within the Return to Health® platform to effectively guide people to the right treatments for them and facilitate the steps to return to health, leading to better outcomes and lower costs for our clients.”  

“Enabling individuals and populations to be knowledgeable about their treatment options and an equal partner in the treatment decision process leads to better compliance, better outcomes and lower costs for everyone,” commented Lee Shapiro, Managing Partner, 7wireVentures. “It is exciting to see the new capabilities within the Return to Health® platform from WiserTogether. The company is positioned to truly guide and empower people, delivering value to organizations responsible for populations.”  

Key components of the Return to Health® platform include:  

  • Available on any platform with its native Mobile Apps for Apple and Android and its cloud-based design.
  • Aligns clinical guideline efficacy, consumer preference, cost and return to health timeline data with treatment options for each condition.
  • Categorizes each treatment into “Best”, “Good” and “Poor” categories based on the condition identified and specific attributes of the patient/consumer.
  • Provides referential information on both the condition and treatment, enabling the consumer to research their condition and treatments as needed.
  • Facilitates the “actions” necessary to move forward on the treatments the individual identified. This includes buying supplies for “do it yourself” treatments, scheduling an appointment with the “right” specialty provider in-network, or connecting with tele-health or other facilities as appropriate.

WiserTogether will be attending the RedBrick Health Client Summit May 8-10 in Scottsdale, AZ and the NG Healthcare Summit June 26-28 in Sarasota, FL. For more information or to request a demo of Return to Health®, please contact Scott Leisher at scott.leisher@wisertogether.com.

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WiserTogether is a leader in consumer-focused healthcare information technology solutions that advance clinical outcomes, financial and patient satisfaction results. Our innovative solutions enable consumers to circumvent the immense amount of data on the internet and in the market and effectively guide individuals to the best treatment options for them. To learn more visit https://wisertogether.com

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WiserTogether empowers people through Actionable Treatment Guidance with its new Solution, “Return to Health®”