Wompimeequin Wampatuck selected as Keynote Speaker at Breakfast General Session presenter at...

Wompimeequin Wampatuck selected as Keynote Speaker at Breakfast General Session presenter at World Municipality Conference-Miami 2017

An impressive roster of speakers at the May 25-26, 2017 Conference now includes Wompimeequin Wampatuck, a Tribal Council Chief Sachem for the Mattakeeset Tribe, representing many more indigenous U.S cities and organizations in various capacities.


MIAMI, May 16, 2017 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — With the honor to have Mr. Larry Fisher, traditionally known to many as Wompimeequin Wampatuck, who comes from a long line of royal Chief Sachems, the Executive Committee of the Minority Chamber of Commerce continues to expand its impressive roster of premier speakers at the World Municipality Conference Miami-2017. The mission for this high-level global Mayor’s conference is to provide the keys that will unlock doors for municipalities in resources, programs, investment, environment, public service and other opportunities.

The Conference takes place at the world high class Trump National Hotel Doral, Miami Dade County, Florida, May 25-26. Mr. Fisher will present the “Process Towards Development 2017- Municipalities & Agendas for Indigenous Advancement” on Friday, May 26, during the morning general session 7:30-8:15 a.m.

“His presentation is a key addition to the line-up of speakers we have scheduled,” stated Doug Mayorga, Chairman of the Executive Committee and the Chamber Founder. “One of the priorities of this historic event is to bring a diverse group of leaders like Mr. Fisher, his expertise pertains to assessing and evaluating the social, environmental, economic, and political conditions of Indigenous communities and helping to implement new ways that provide national and international platforms for solutions.”

This exclusive conference is just one of several important presentations for the municipal leaders who attend. The overall purpose of the World Municipality Conference is to focus on a myriad of international topics, including the development of global innovative solutions for solving important issues affecting municipalities in the U.S. and beyond. To register for the event, please visit: www.worldmunicipalitiesforum.org

About Mr. Wompimeequin Wampatuck: He also serves as a strategic leader on numerous indigenous organizations that include, but are not limited to, the following: President of Sacred Fire Initiative; President of the Living Curators of the Americas for the Sunshine of the Americas Foundation; National Director for NACHP (National Association for Cultural Heritage Preservation); Founder of PGGR (Promoting Government-to-Government Relationships); Indigenous Representative for the United Nations NGO South West Native Cultures; Indigenous Youth Representative for United Nations NGO New Future Foundation; Board Director of African Views Organization in consultative status with ECOSOS Economic and Social Council; Ambassador of the United Indigenous Peoples and Tribes of the World to the World Energy Forum; and, Global Chief Organizer for Indigenous World Governments at Global Green.

About Minority Chamber of Commerce: was created in 2000 to provide a strong voice for the powerful minority businesses in the nation’s. A global membership organization the mission of which is to: promote business development and economy, technology incubators, and associated programs; facilitate the development, transfer, training,  and commercialization of trade and innovations among its members, partners, industry, and government; enhance entrepreneurship teaching, research and service; strengthen micro-small-medium size companies  competitiveness; and achieve technology-based economic development within a restructuring global economy. For more information: www.minoritychamber.net

The conference is not open to the public. Registration is necessary. Please register by May 18 at: director@minoritychamber.net or call 786-406-2190. Official agenda ready May 18, 2017.

Wompimeequin Wampatuck selected as Keynote Speaker at Breakfast General Session presenter at World Municipality Conference-Miami 2017