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Zuniga Health’s unlimited Telehealth is a unique offering post-Covid

Zuniga Health’s unlimited Telehealth is a unique offering post-Covid


MIAMI, May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — During Covid telehealth became a key element for individuals to seek care, and telehealth utilization was at an all-time high. Post-Covid numerous health plans are ending or limiting their telehealth offerings, while other health plans still believe in the importance of telehealth. Zuniga Health LLC, an innovative health plan for small and medium-sized businesses has continued its commitment to free unlimited telehealth while most other health plans charge fees of $40+ for telehealth visits.


Among telehealth’s many benefits is convenience: users don’t have to leave the house and can contact a doctor even outside regular office hours. These advantages are especially interesting for employees who work irregular hours or live in underserved locations, where access to facilities is limited. It is also a savior for many employees with families, who have little time to spend commuting to and waiting in a doctor’s office. Telehealth offers services like prescription refills, provider consultations for pain, fever, seasonal flu, UTI, skin infections, etc. Telepsychiatry services keep experiencing stark growth, as patients realize how convenient it is to conduct counseling and therapy from home.

Zuniga Health offers 24/7 unlimited telehealth and telepsychiatry on all plans, even the most basic ones. Services are offered in English and Spanish. Zuniga Health directly addresses the needs of Hispanic small businesses and their employees, as studies have shown that non-English speaking people often struggle using telehealth.

Zuniga Health is the only Hispanic-owned health plan in the US to address the Hispanic business market. Zuniga Health’s mission is to increase the number of Hispanic employees obtaining affordable and accessible health benefits, and telehealth plays a big role in it. Insurance premiums across the US are rising in double-digit percentages. These accelerating costs are a threat to the small businesses’ economic stability, and the worker’s access to healthcare. Zuniga Health’s plans are very affordable and customizable on a ‘pay-per-need’ basis.

Zuniga Health’s Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) and Minimum Value Plan (MVP) are designed to meet every employee’s budget. Besides unlimited telehealth, all plans have free preventative care and free preventative drugs. Employees choose the amount of doctor and lab visits they would like for the year and pay accordingly. MVP options include hospitalization days. All plans use a premier provider network with thousands of Spanish speaking providers.

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Zuniga Health’s unlimited Telehealth is a unique offering post-Covid