Ismael Cala will hold the “Mastery of Life” seminar in Panama, with...

Ismael Cala will hold the “Mastery of Life” seminar in Panama, with experts and participants from the entire continent


The seminar will be in July, and he will be accompanied by Jurgen Klaric, one of the most influential marketers worldwide, Mexican coach Adriana Macías, and Venezuelan kinetic art master Carlos Cruz Diez. Registration is open.

PANAMA CITY, March 30, 2017 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Panama City will be the location of the first Mastery of Life seminar on July 21 and 22, ISMAEL CALA, conference speaker, communicator and best-selling author announced today.

Cala traveled today to Panama to meet with dozens of businesspeople, local leaders and media. As he explained, the objectives of the Mastery of Life seminar include awakening awareness, activating creativity, and stimulating the leader that we all carry inside of us, with the participation of well-known individuals from the world of leadership, coaching, and entrepreneurship.

“Some questions we ask ourselves are: Why do some human beings have extraordinary results, while others fight just to survive? What prevents us from moving forward? What blocks happiness? How do I increase productivity at my company? We will try to answer those questions here,” said Cala, when summarizing the philosophy of the event.

Ismael will speak about the “CALA Method of Life. A tool for transformation and personal growth.” He will also conduct a live interview with the great Venezuelan artist, Carlos Cruz Diez, one of the most relevant figures in visual and kinetic art, whose life story is a master work for everyone.

Throughout two days of complete immersion, the event will gather nearly one thousand people from all over the continent to share with experts such as North American Jurgen Klaric, one of the ten most influential marketers in the world, who was recently named “the Steve Jobs of education.”

“Through awareness and knowledge, we have discovered that fear is the most powerful motor for achieving wonderful things. I will take a practical course to Panama on managing and transforming fear into success,” explained Klaric about his participation.

Mexican coach, Adriana Macías will also participate. She was born without arms, but her tenacity has been key in her life. Her story has been characterized by her attitude, impetus and intelligence as a formula for success.

Mastery of Life will be held at the Hotel Sheraton Grand Panamá. Registration is open. Attendees will receive a certificate.


Life strategy and human development, best-selling author and international conference presenter. For more than five years, he presented the show CALA, at prime time on CNN en Español.

He is currently an official collaborator on the program “Awaken America,” for the Univisión chain, and he writes a weekly column for more than 50 publications in Latin America and the United States. “The New York Times” has called him “the Latin Larry King.”

Author of the best sellers “Despierta con Cala [Wake up with Cala],” “La vida es una piñata [Life is a piñata],” “El analfabeto emocional [The emotional illiterate],” “El poder de escuchar [The power of listening],” “Un buen hijo de P… [A real son of a B…],” and “El secreto del bamboo [The secret of bamboo],” Cala was born in Santiago de Cuba (1969) and has a degree in Art History from Universidad de Oriente. He is coauthor of the book “Beat the curve,” with Brian Tracy. He graduated from the School of Communication at the University of York in Toronto, and has a Seneca diploma in Television Production. He has worked with grand masters such as Deepak Chopra and John C. Maxwell, and has trained with coaches such as Tony Robbins and Miguel Ruiz. Cala belongs to a group of collaborating professors at Atlantis University and Next University. He is President of Cala Enterprises Corporation. Visit:


Ismael Cala will hold the “Mastery of Life” seminar in Panama, with experts and participants from the entire continent