‘Niños En La Frontera’ Exposes The Harsh Reality Of Migrant Children Crossing...

‘Niños En La Frontera’ Exposes The Harsh Reality Of Migrant Children Crossing The Border

The Discovery en Español documentary showcases real stories of minors traveling from Latin America to meet their parents or siblings in the United States


MIAMI, March 30, 2017 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Discovery en Español presents NIÑOS EN LA FRONTERA, an investigative documentary film that addresses one of the most dramatic humanitarian crises in the Americas: the masses of children migrating from Latin America to the United States risking their lives to be reunited with their families. NIÑOS EN LA FRONTERA, a production that travels alongside several children during their actual trip, premieres Tuesday, April 11 at 10pm E/P.

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In 2016, the US Border Patrol detained over 50,000 children who were trying to reach the United States. They escape from violence and poverty in their countries of origin and risk their lives to cross the border before new immigration policy reforms are implemented. They believe nothing could be worse than the life they wish to leave behind.

NIÑOS EN LA FRONTERA documents three cases of families as they travel from El Salvador, Mexico, and Honduras to reunite with their parents or siblings in the United States, and captures every step of their journey and the attempt to change their fate:

  • Carmen, age 12, and María, age 23, begin their journey in Sensuntepeque, El Salvador, to meet their mother, who has lived undocumented in the United States for four years. They know this won’t be an easy experience: 85% of Central American women trying to cross the border are sexually abused. Their dream is in Nacho’s hands, the trafficker who will take them to the other side. “I must have taken about 100,000 people to the United States” – he tells Discovery en Español.
  • Jorge is a 17-year-old Mexican young man who is about to be deported. He last saw his parents at age 6 when they emigrated and left him with his grandparents. He decided it was time to reunite with them and traveled alone from Acapulco, but was arrested when crossing the border.
  • Miguel comes from Honduras with his 9 and 6 year old children. He had to leave his country after a local gang killed his father-in-law for refusing to pay a higher monthly fee. He travels in hopes of finding asylum in the United States and then plans to bring his wife and third child. The journey will not be easy and complications will arise.

“In a time of change and uncertainty, NIÑOS EN LA FRONTERA showcases the human side of the immigration debate that is very personal for Latinos in this country. Through first-hand testimonies, the documentary exposes the reality of entire families taking unimaginable risks to see their hopes of reuniting come true,” said Eileen Piñeiro, Sr.Channel Director at Discovery en Español.

Among those interviewed in the documentary are former Department of Homeland Security officials, Border Patrol agents, immigration experts, and members of human rights organizations and charities that help newly arrived families.

NIÑOS EN LA FRONTERA is a Discovery en Español production headed by Michela Giorelli and Javier Chuecos. It was made by Pacha Films under the direction of Guillermo Galdos.

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‘Niños En La Frontera’ Exposes The Harsh Reality Of Migrant Children Crossing The Border