In Puerto Rico Travel Expert Peter Greenberg Urges Common Sense Precautions To...

In Puerto Rico Travel Expert Peter Greenberg Urges Common Sense Precautions To Overcome Fears Of Zika

Emmy-winning investigative reporter says "Fear" is the worst four letter word in travel


SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, June 21, 2016 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Broadcasting live from Puerto Rico, popular travel news journalist Peter Greenberg encouraged visitors to set their fear of Zika aside when making travel plans. Greenberg is just one of many travel experts who say that as long as travelers (and locals) follow the preventive tips outlined by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), they can have a safe and worry-free trip.

Travel Expert Peter Greenberg on fear and travel: "Fear," he said, is "the worst four-letter word that starts with 'f' as it applies to travelling." Photo Credit: Puerto Rico Tourism Company

“The weather is great, people are outside parasailing and having fun [in Puerto Rico]…As long as you pack common sense and some intelligence, and your own preventive medicine in consultation with your physician, there are very few places you shouldn’t go,” Greenberg noted during his radio show. Greenberg was blunt, letting visitors know there was absolutely nothing to be afraid of:  “Fear,” he said, is “the worst four-letter word that starts with ‘f’ as it applies to travelling.” 

Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC) Executive Director Ingrid I. Rivera Rocafort echoes those sentiments, “Education is the key to relishing new adventures without the fear of risk, real or perceived. Accurate information is fear’s best antidote. Educated travelers, following CDC guidelines will enjoy a worry-free experience in Puerto Rico.”   

Beyond encouraging travelers to follow the CDC guidelines, PRTC and the travel industry—in close collaboration with the CDC and the local department of public health—have engaged in an education campaign focused on preparation, prevention and precaution to protect residents and visitors.  Puerto Rico is helping prevent the spread of the Zika virus through a comprehensive program that includes: spraying public areas with mosquito repellent, eliminating mosquito breeding grounds, establishing a 3-1-1 telephone hotline and Twitter account to enable reporting of high-risk areas and providing Zika safety tips to residents and visitors.

For more information about Zika in Puerto Rico, visit:

Additionally, the Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Association (PRHTA) is encouraging hotels to make EPA-approved insect repellent available to guests upon check-in and throughout common areas, as well as providing welcome kits to members that contain the latest CDC guidelines and information regarding Zika safety including an infographic detailing how to correctly apply bug spray.  

Pregnant women are advised against travel to areas with the Zika virus.  All travelers are encouraged to keep informed and check updated information on the CDC website.

About Puerto Rico Tourism Company
The Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC), founded in 1970, is a public corporation responsible for stimulating, promoting and regulating the development of the tourism industry.  It markets Puerto Rico as a tourism destination through advertising, public relations and promotional activities; promotes tourism among visitors and local residents; provides visitor orientation and technical assistance to investors; evaluates tourism facilities and establishes standards of quality; and regulates and oversees gaming operations.  PRTC has offices and representatives in the U.S. mainland, Canada, Europe and Latin America.

About Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Association
The Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association is the organization that represents the private tourism sector in Puerto Rico. Founded in 1950, the Association has over 500 corporate members, among them large, medium, and small hotels; restaurants; Airlines; and other businesses that serve the Puerto Rico tourism industry.

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In Puerto Rico Travel Expert Peter Greenberg Urges Common Sense Precautions To Overcome Fears Of Zika