Celebrate World Heart Day With These Healthy Recipes Created by Olives From...

Celebrate World Heart Day With These Healthy Recipes Created by Olives From Spain


NEW YORK, Sept. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — To mark World Heart Day – created to raise awareness about cardiovascular diseases – Olives From Spain proposes three healthy and delicious recipes with European olives. Olives are a key food in the Mediterranean Diet, that has been providing benefits for cardiovascular health for thousands of years.

Celebrate World Heart Day with these healthy recipes created by Olives From Spain.

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A healthy and balanced diet like the Mediterranean can be more effective than any heart medication. If we add an active lifestyle to this eating pattern, the chances of suffering from certain heart diseases decrease considerably, as scientific research has shown.

Specifically, the influential Predimed study (Prevention with Mediterranean Diet), conducted in 7,447 Spanish adults with vascular risk factors, has shown that the traditional Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of suffering myocardial heart attack, a cerebral vascular accident or a sudden death in people who have high vascular irrigation, by 30%.

The benefits of the Mediterranean Diet (Intangible Heritage of Humanity) are known throughout the world and the foods that make up this eating habit enjoy great prestige. Among them, the queen of the Mediterranean Diet, the European olive, an antioxidant ingredient, a natural source of vitamin E, stands out for its versatility and offers a world of culinary possibilities through infinity of formats and varieties.

Tropical quinoa salad with olives
From the Tropics we bring you this refreshing and healthy quinoa salad with olives. Perfect to take care of yourself without giving up the most authentic flavor.


Olives with pimiento tapenade
Relocate to the heart of the Mediterranean for a moment with this creamy tapenade of olives stuffed with pimiento.


Tasty trilogy with olives
Three different tostas with which you will conquer the most demanding palates. And they all have something in common: our European olives!


About INTERACEITUNA and Olives from Spain

INTERACEITUNA is the Interprofessional Organization of Table Olive recognized by the Ministryof Agriculture, Fisheries and Food that represents the whole sector producing, processing and marketing table olives. Created to implement different programs and activities of general interest, INTERACEITUNA promotes knowledge of Spanish table olives and carries out research and development related to production and production techniques. INTERACEITUNA has partnered with the European Union to promote this product.


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Celebrate World Heart Day With These Healthy Recipes Created by Olives From Spain