Bleach Like A Boss — CLORALEN® Launches Brand Campaign For Revolutionary New...

Bleach Like A Boss — CLORALEN® Launches Brand Campaign For Revolutionary New Splash-Free™ Bleach Gel


HOUSTON, April 19, 2017 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — CLORALEN® today announced the launch of a brand campaign for CLORALEN®’s new Platinum™ Bleach Liquid Gel in partnership with Cavalry Agency based in Chicago. The product was inspired by consumers wanting the cleaning power of bleach without the headaches of splashing.  “We conducted extensive research with consumers and learned that homemakers have an out-of-control feeling when using bleach,” says Andres Supelano, Brand Manager for CLORALEN®. “We took this challenge seriously and are excited to bring consumers the first new form of liquid bleach in decades—a gel.  In fact, we’ve created an entirely new product category.”   

Bleach Like A Boss, the campaign’s spirited theme, pledges users of Platinum™ Bleach Liquid Gel will now be in control when doing laundry and cleaning.  Pointed headlines underscore the benefits of Splash-Free™ gel: hit the spot without a splash; get a grip on laundry day; and no sass, no splash.  The ad content highlights the value of a Splash-Free™ formula with a safe pour spout and Easy-Grip™ ergonomic handle.

The CLORALEN® Platinum™ product and the Bleach Like a Boss campaign rolls out just in time for Spring Cleaning season. The campaign will execute a multifaceted media strategy to engage with homemakers in major markets throughout the U.S. Product demonstrations can be seen on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Radio spots will intro songs on Spotify. The public can share their new Platinum™ Gel cleaning experiences on social media.

Consumers can find CLORALEN® Platinum™ Liquid Bleach Gel at select Walmart stores. Visit online Store Locator

The CLORALEN® family of products have faithfully served consumers for decades to better clean household surfaces, bathrooms and laundry.  Flagship products include: 3-in-1 Power Bleach, Stain Remover & Color Protection, Bathroom Cleaner with Bleach and Multipurpose Cleaner with Bleach. Color safe bleach, chlorine bleach and bleach cleaners help kill germs and make cleaning go easier and faster. Products come in a variety of scents.

About AlEn USA

AlEn USA is a household cleaning and laundry products company headquartered in Houston, Texas.  Its portfolio of brands include CLORALEN®, ENSUEÑO®, PINALEN®, PINOL®, FLASH®, Xtra-Pine ®, Pine-o-Pine®. AlEn’s strong manufacturing base comprises multiple products: bleach, cleaners, powder detergents, liquid laundry detergent and fabric softeners. One of its corporate values is to generate sustainable growth based on best practices of social responsibility, striving to protect the environment.

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Bleach Like A Boss — CLORALEN® Launches Brand Campaign For Revolutionary New Splash-Free™ Bleach Gel