Quinceañeras Spend Over $20,000 To Embrace Coming of Age Tradition

Quinceañeras Spend Over $20,000 To Embrace Coming of Age Tradition

Comprehensive New Study Shows How Hispanic Families Spare No Expenses to Create the Ultimate Birthday Celebration for Their Daughters from Elaborate LED Lights to Full Blown Quinceañera Cruises


ANN ARBOR, Michigan, July 9, 2019 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Mi Padrino®, the leading event-planning and crowd-gifting platform for quinceañeras and Hispanic weddings, released the results from their Mi Padrino Quinceañera Report today, the first quinceañera study of its kind. Surveying thousands of quinceañeras from all around the country, Mi Padrino unveiled how the cost of quinceañeras continues to rise, as Hispanic families seek to provide increasingly unique experiences for their daughters’ coming of age celebrations.

Over the past 12 months, the average cost of a quinceañera, of which there are over 525,000 in the US every year, was $21,781. Hispanic families mentally start planning their daughters’ quinceañeras from the day they are born and are not just emotionally, but financially, invested in turning their dreams into realities — not just dinner and drinks, or the iconic ball gown, but finding a way to include all her friends and family in the big event.

There are plenty of families finding DIY ideas to work within smaller budgets, but many still can’t hold back from pursuing lavish quinceañera cakes or new trends like La Hora Loca which feature everything from props to LED robots. “Quinceañeras today are more than just a small party with cake and balloons. Families start planning 12-18 months in advance, creating a fairytale-like night for their little girl to remember forever,” said Kim Gamez, CEO, and founder of Mi Padrino. “Many quinces are still embracing their culture and having more traditional themes, but more than ever are using things like pop culture to create spectacular displays that are more so experiences than they are merely events. Each quinceañera is an individual story of a girl becoming a woman, so they each deserve to celebrate in their own way.”

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Quinceañeras Spend Over $20,000 To Embrace Coming of Age Tradition